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Frequently Asked Questions
If you recently discovered an electrical issue with your home or business, you’ll want to call your local Kelowna electrician expert. We’ll be sure to listen to what’s causing your problem and come up with a viable solution to get your system back up and running. Be sure to contact us today at (250) 860 – 9526. In the meantime, below, you’ll find some of the questions most frequently asked by those dealing with electrical issues in Kelowna.
When Should I Call an Electrician?
There’s no clear-cut answer as to when you should call an electrician. The timing of when you call an electrician could depend on things such as:

  • Assessing your experience with handling electricity
  • Evaluating the size of your home or business
  • Considering the frequency at which you require problem resolution
  • Assessing the severity of the problem

Some people find that the best time to call an electrician in Kelowna is when they have to reset circuit breakers and fuses. Others decide to call when they’ve grown annoyed with lights flickering in their home. The one thing worth stressing, however, is that you should be sure to call if there’s a safety concern. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, home electrical fires cause more than $1.3 billion in property damage each year. If you notice any warning signs, you should be sure to call your local technician in Kelowna immediately.

The one thing worth stressing, however, is that you should be sure to call if there’s a safety concern. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, home electrical fires cause more than $1.3 billion in property damage each year. If you notice any warning signs, you should be sure to call your local technician in Kelowna immediately.
What Are Some of the Warning Signs of Electrical Wiring Problems?

There are a few things that could potentially indicate a severe electrical problem. Perhaps the most notable is the smell of burning. If you smell something burning, but can’t identify the source, there’s a strong chance that it’s related to your electrical system.

Second, if you find that your circuit breaker is frequently tripping, you may want to express concern. Circuit breakers tend to trip from time to time. However, if you find that they are tripping more frequently than usual, you could be overloading your system.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep an eye out for things like flickering lights and buzzing lamps. These could potentially be signs of more severe electrical problems that, if left untreated, could cause problems in your home. Other things that you may want to look out for include:

  • Hot outlets
  • Faulty cable splices
  • A ground fault circuit interrupter that is not working properly
Is It Worth Upgrading My Electrical System?

If you have an older home, it could be in your best interest to update your electrical system. We’ve found that many older electrical systems cannot handle modern technology. Many older homes and office systems were not built to handle the amount of electricity we require.

For instance, many provinces call for homes to have an electrical system with a minimum capacity of 100 amps. However, modern devices like electric heat and air conditioning could overload your minimum requirements quickly. That’s why we recommend installing systems with at least 200 amps.

Not only will upgrading your system ensure that you stay safe, but it could also make it easier to grow into your home as well. When we replace your electrical system, we’ll change everything from the service loop to the main panel.

Will You Replace Electrical Outlets?

When updating your electrical system, it could also be in your best interest to replace your electrical outlets. Many homeowners don’t realize that electrical outlets wear down and that replacing them is worthwhile.

Today, there are three different types of electrical outlets available. Outlets with a “Homeowner” grade are the cheapest, although they last no more than a decade. Outlets with a “Commercial” grade tend to cost about 50 percent more than those with a “Homeowner” grade. However, Commercial outlets can last ten times longer than Homeowner outlets.

The last type of outlet available is a “Hospital” grade. These outlets are typically not necessary for the average homeowner. They are quite expensive, built explicitly to handle the needs of life-saving machines in modern hospitals.

How many outlets can I put in a room?

If you walk into your room now, you may find that there are only a couple of outlets. If you’ve ever had to fight for an outlet so that you can charge your phone, you know how frustrating this can be. The best electrical technicians in Kelowna will make sure that you have enough outlets in a room.

Not only is this practical, but it helps keep you safe as well. By increasing the number of outlets and installing them in convenient locations, you won’t have to run extension cords or power strips through your home.

As a rule of thumb, we seek to place an electrical outlet every six feet. We’ll aim to set the outlets around 1.5 feet above floor level. We’ll address this during the planning stage, and we won’t put an outlet in any area that you think could cause an eyesore.

Are all outlets the same?

No, not all electrical outlets are the same. Not only are there different grades, but you’ll find that some outlets have GFCI protection while others do not. You’ll need to use outlets with a GFCI grade anywhere electricity could potentially come into contact with water. For many people, this includes the kitchen, basement, and garage.

GFCI outlets are quite sensitive, which means they are more likely to trip. This means that were water to come into contact with your outlet, the outlet would trip and shut off the electrical current. Although these outlets are useful in the kitchen, it may not be in your best interest to use them for things such as the lights or appliances like your refrigerator.

Can I replace outlets on my own?

Unless you have prior experience working with electricity, it’s not in your best interest to replace outlets on your own. Keep in mind that dealing with electricity could be quite dangerous and could potentially result in death. Furthermore, even if you do not harm yourself when initially working on the outlets, you could risk long-term injury if you do not complete the work correctly.

Working with the best electricians in Kelowna could be well worth your while. Working with a trusted technician will not only keep you safe, but it could potentially save you money on your electric bill as well. Hiring a quality electrician is an investment well worth making.

How does your process work?

Our process begins when you give us a call. During this initial call, we’ll gain a better understanding of the types of electrical needs that you have. Then, we’ll schedule a consultation and walkthrough where we’ll survey your property and gain a better understanding of the type of work we’ll be doing.

After this initial consultation, we’ll come up with a plan that meets your needs. We understand that the requirements of a business vary significantly from the needs of a homeowner, which is why we craft custom electrical solutions for you. We’ll also work to ensure that our proposal meets your budget.

After you approve the plan, we’ll work quickly to install your new products. We’ll schedule the installation during a time that is convenient for you. After the installation, our job is not yet complete. We’ll stick around to train you on the new products that we installed. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable using your new product. We believe that this customer service is what makes our team the best electricians in Kelowna.

What if something goes wrong with my products?
We use products of the highest quality, reducing the likelihood that something goes wrong. However, if something were to go wrong, or you’re having trouble figuring out how to do something like resetting your breaker, we’re here for you. Give us a call and let us know what’s going on. We’ll either walk you through a solution over the phone or dispatch one of our trusted technicians immediately.
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